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13 Jul 2017

Razor Scooters Are a Great Hobby


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Posted By Dianna B.

You might have seen a RRazor scooter at some point, perhaps you own one, or at least have seen a child on one? Next time your out on the streets, perhaps doing some shopping or walking the dog in the park, keep an eye out for Razor scooters. So let's look at where they came from, how they are made and what all the fuss is about. First off, the Razor scooter was developed and designed for manufacture in California. The Razor company itself was founded in June 2000 and holds the rights to distribute the entire range of Razor products which have, from their humble beginnings, grown innumerably. For example, apart from the afore-mentioned Razor scooter (often referred to as the Kick scooter), Razor also boasts the following products:

* E100
* E200
* E300 - the electric scooter

There are also a range of more advanced scooters, these include:

* Dirt Rocket
* Pocket Mod
* Pocket Rocket
* Ground Force
* A range of electric powered ride on toys
* Junior line of scooters

The Razor scooter is designed to be lightweight and sturdy, so the frame is made of aluminium and the wheels of polyurethane. There is also a hinged spoiler/mud guard positioned over the rear wheel which when pushed down will act as a break, another feature of the Razor scooter is that it can be easily folded down and popped back up so that you can carry it around much like a skateboard and also leap into action as and when you want!

The scooter is widely used for fun and for freestyle riding and tricks, whilst their popularity was at a peak some years ago; they have since had a rebirth and you will see more and more of these scooters out and about, providing hours of entertainment to kids.

As mentioned they have a more professional following for the stunt lovers, much like the appeal of BMX or skateboarding - the fact that you can perform tricks on them as increased their appeal amongst the sport lovers across the world. So much so, that back in 2004 Razor actually produced a Pro model known as the Pro (A4), this Razor scooter was larger than the commercial models and of coursed reinforced so as to perform better under the duress that extreme sports entails.

So where does one get a Razor scooter from? Well, it couldn't be easier really, first of all think about whom the scooter is for and be honest, if you want one too there is no shame in messing around, just leave the hard stuff to the pros! They are a great present idea and fantastic for holidays as they can be packed away very simply, their versatility means that you can play with them on pretty much any surface (within reason) and as the owners confidence grows they can start to build up their trick portfolio, they'll be able to find loads of short guides online to help and then practice on their Razor scooter to their hearts content.


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